Power Up Your Dreams 2021 Digital Planner

It's been said, "A goal without a timeline is just a wish." Are you ready to make 2021 great? 

Set yourself up for success with this Power Up Your Dreams 2021 Digital Planner designed to help you make systematic progress over the next twelve months towards your larger life vision. It can be used independently or in conjunction with the three-day Power Up Your Dreams virtual retreat. The key is to focus on ONE game-changing goal for the year that you can break down into mini-goals. Self-awareness is the foundation of success and allows you to self-correct if necessary. The Planner will prompt you to plan each quarter and month, AND follow through each day. Features include:

  • Overview of the Power Up Process Flow
  • Prompts for your Vision and #1 Goal for the year
  • Momentum Builder taking you from a year out to your first step
  • Annual 2021 Calendar
  • Quarterly Planning Prompts
  • Monthly Breakdown
  • Daily Tracker with your Intention, Priorities, Key Action Steps, Reminders and more
  • Questions to consider at the end of each month and quarter
  • Annual Review

It's over 500 pages that you can type right into and keep on your phone, tablet or computer. This is a digital downloadable product. All sales are final.

If you want additional support in achieving your goals, join the Power Up Your Dreams virtual retreat. The planner is included as a bonus in the program. Find out more.

It's time for us all to live in FLOW: Freedom, Love, Oneness and Wisdom. Start Power Living today! For more, go to www.IAmPowerLiving.com

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