The Power Living Pledge: An Affirmation for a Purposeful & Powerful Life

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The Power Living® Pledge makes a great gift and introduction to Power Living® and/or reinforcement if you're already familiar with the principles. Perfect for groups to use as a centering and motivational tool. It has also been used for youth empowerment programs. Volume discounts available. Also available in Spanish and bookmark form.


  • The Power Living® Pledge: An Affirmation for a Purposeful & Powerful Life is an affirmation that acts as a simple reminder of how to be. It is a promise to your Self to live a purposeful and powerful life every day.

    What habits are holding you back from realizing your dreams? Are you allowing power to act through you are are you blocking that flow by your very thoughts, words and actions?

    Even if you have come so far as to have a Life Vision, your thoughts and basic habits might still get in the way of you achieving it. Written by Harvard-trained thought leader Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, The Power Living® Pledge can help you stay on track with the Power Living® Practice. It encapsulates all of the principles into one affirmation that can be repeated every day as a reminder of how to live. It starts off like this...

    I live on Purpose every day;
    I look to my Creator to show me the way.
    I choose thoughts that nurture my mind;
    I eliminate views that are negative and unkind.
    I honor my body as the temple of my soul;
    I choose foods that are nourishing and whole...

    Buy the book to learn the rest of The Pledge and how to apply it to every day! Each section of the 20-line affirmation is explained. This 60-page small-format book also acts as a PWR Book - designed to include your personal mission, core values, favorite quotes, mood-changers, a list of your PWR Foods, and other essentials. 

    Once you direct your mind, you can refocus your energy, align your behavior, and transform your life!

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  • The Power Living® Pledge: An Affirmation for a Purposeful & Powerful Life
     was written by Power Living Founder Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy to encapsulate the principles she has shared around the world.

    Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, Ph.D., MBA, CPC, RYT is a Harvard-trained strategist and internationally-recognized thought leader with over 25 years of cross-sector experience as a corporate executive, award-winning entrepreneur, academic, writer/producer and yoga/mindfulness teacher. As President of Power Living Enterprises, Inc., she operates a lifestyle media, training and consulting company focused on inspiring minds and empowering success. This includes the publishing/e-commerce platform, the consumer empowerment platform, and PLE Consulting which has advised billion-dollar companies on their own multi-platform engagement strategies. Through the Power Living Institute, she has also led programs for over 200 organizations and coached over 2,000 individual client-hours. She started her career on staff at Harvard Business School, consulting with Fortune 500 companies and writing case studies on Operations Strategy. As founder of VH1 Interactive and VH1@Work radio network, she negotiated VH1's first deal with AOL, and integrated online and on-air with superstars such as Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney and Garth Brooks. As Vice President of Business Development & Operations for MTV Networks, she managed the 200-person MTV/VH1 Interactive operations, negotiated landmark content/distribution deals, managed strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Yahoo! and Intel, and planned/launched "The Suite" of six digital cable channels. She also was Creative Consultant to Universal Studios working with legendary studio head Lew Wasserman. 

    Inspired by her mother, she started playing with yoga when she was four years old. After almost dying in 1997, she transformed herself through yoga and holistic health. A student of Tao Porchon-Lynch, her original teacher training was at Integral Yoga Institute, and she has been greatly inspired by Dharma Mittra, Srivatsa Ramaswami, Swami Ramananda, as well as her lineage guru, Sri Swami Satchidananda. In 2002, she founded the Ta Yoga House - the first yoga studio in Harlem - and also served six years on the Board of Yoga Alliance, including Chair of the Board. A sought-after speaker/moderator, she is a National Spokesperson for the American Heart Association and has served on various local, national and international committees.

    In 2009, the World Economic Forum named her one of its Young Global Leaders recognizing her potential for shaping the future of the world. She has participated in Forums in Brazil, China, India, Jordan, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, South Africa and Tanzania, and has been a discussion leader for the Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. She incorporates mindfulness into her leadership talks and has also taught yoga in places like The Great Wall of China. She has a dual BA in Sociology and Studio Art from Wellesley College, an MBA from Harvard Business School, a Ph.D in World Religions, and executive education in Global Leadership and Public Policy. She is also a Certified Professional Coach, and holds a variety of other certifications in yoga, fitness and holistic health counseling. She contributes to various blogs such as The Huffington Post, the World Economic Forum, Impatient Optimists (Gates Foundation), and Speaking of Women's Health (Cleveland Clinic). Called "smart with a heart," she has been featured in media from CNN, Tokyo FM and ARD TV in Germany to Prevention, El Mercurio in Chile, Oprah's book Live Your Best Life! and the cover of Yoga Journal. Although she is American, she was born in Ghana, started school in Australia, lived/studied in Italy, and has traveled to over 40 countries. For more, go to

  • The Power Living® Pledge: An Affirmation for a Purposeful & Powerful Life was an inspired thought captured all at once. Here's how it came about and some sample insights: 

    An Inspired Thought...
    I wrote The Power Living® Pledge on July 14, 2003 on the subway in New York City. Sitting there, feeling the deflated energy of the other passengers made me realize something: Even if you had come so far as to understand your Purpose, or Life Vision, your thoughts and basic habits might still get in the way of you achieving it. Suddenly it came to me to encapsulate all of the principles of Power Living into one affirmation that could be repeated every day as a reminder of how to live. Through what I'm sure was divine inspiration, The Power Living® Pledge came to me all at once. Since I always have pen and paper with me, I wrote it down immediately. I started sharing The Pledge with my clients and seminar participants. After each session, people would ask where they could get a copy of The Pledge so they could refer to it every day. Finally, one woman was so adamant about its power as a simple daily reminder of how to live, she had me promise to publish it. So here you have it. This is my gift to you today. An inspiration I honored by writing down and sharing - an affirmation for life. 

    Take The Pledge...
    A pledge is a solemn binding promise to do, give, or refrain from doing something. What binding promises have you made to your Self? What are your "absolutes" - the things you must do to live your most purposeful and powerful life? We often take life for granted until a crisis wakes us up - an illness, a death, a divorce, or a loss of job. Don't wait for a crisis to make a change. Take action now. Put aside any fruitless patterns that drive your daily life, and create new patterns that will propel you to experience your greatness. 

    Learn this powerful affirmation and reminder of how to be. Now is the time to tune your mind and activate your power!

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  • Perfect Paperback: 
    60 pages

    Publisher: Power Living Enterprises, Inc.; 1st edition (September 17, 2007)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1599163683
    ISBN-13: 978-1599163680
    Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.8 x 0.2 inches
    Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces

    Categories: Self-Help, Health, Spiritual Growth

    Formats: Also, available in Spanish and as bookmarks.

    For volume discounts and/or foreign language translation/distribution partnerships, contact Power Living Media at or 212-901-6913

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