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BOOK EVENT SPEAKER: After being on the road for eight years with master yoga teacher Tao Porchon-Lynch, Power Living Founder Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy is stepping fully back into sharing her own programs again through keynotes, workshops and retreats, as well as corporate training and moderating for conferences. In addition to yoga sessions, topics range from mindfulness, wellness and authentic success to conscious leadership, innovation and the future of work--all with an underlying foundation of harnessing energy and your pure potential. If you want a seasoned speaker to raise the frequency of your next event, book her now.  Learn more

STAY TUNED FOR DIGITAL COURSES: We are delighted about our digital courses which will be rolling out in 2020. Various programs taught over the past 15+ years focused on wellness, empowerment and success will come to your desktop and/or mobile device no matter where you are across the globe. We're here to help you have the clarity and energy to manifest your destiny and create a life of prosperity. It's time for us all to live in FLOW: Freedom, Love, Oneness & Wisdom.