Tao in Slovenia: Day 3A

October 8, 2015–Our hosts wanted us to experience more of Slovenia so for the first part of Day 3 we left the rain in Ljubljana and headed to the coast. Tao was delighted by the prospect of some sun since she does not like the cold! As we drove further southwest, the air indeed got a bit warmer and the clouds began to disperse.

We went through Portorož, Koper, Izola and Piran, where we saw signs in both the Slovene and Italian languages. The Slovene Riviera, located on the Gulf of Trieste by the Adriatic Sea, is just a short boat ride from Italy to the north and Croatia to the south. In fact, you can take a ferry over to Venice in the warm season. On my last visit in 2012, we made a quick trip to Croatia which was simply breathtaking.

Touching the Alps and bordering the Mediterranean, Slovenia is mainly mountainous and is one of the most water-rich countries in Europe.

Slovenia is the ideal place for anyone who loves nature and outdoor activities. With Austria and the Alps in the Northern region, you can go skiing in no time. The South also has mountains that I was checking out for a future hiking excursion. I highly recommend going up to higher elevations where you can find biodiversity farms like the one I visited previously. Watch videos from that trip: Slovenia: Sustainability in Action (which shows in part why Ljubljana deserved to win the 2016 European Green Capital Award) and Women: Slovenia’s Untapped Resource. Since nature is at the heart of Tao’s philosophy of vitality and Oneness, she was impressed by Slovenia’s obvious care for the environment.

View more pictures from Day 3 in Slovenia on Tao's blog. The day was so packed that we had to break the coverage into two parts. Be sure to spread the light by sharing this link and use hashtags: #ThisIs97 #TaoExp #TaoPorchonLynch.

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