96-year-old Tao Porchon-Lynch "Flying" in AcroYoga


96-year-old Yoga Master Tao Porchon-Lynch "Flying" in AcroYoga Session

On Saturday, February 21, 2015, Tao hosted an AcroYoga Class at the Fred Astaire Studios in Hartsdale. It was taught by newlyweds Chris Loebsack and Brian Davis of Boundless Yoga Studio in Stroudsburg, PA.

AcroYoga is a mix of acrobatics and yoga. The mixing of these practices go back thousands of years. The father of modern yoga, Krishnamacharya, was a pioneer in the blending of these arts. The word AcroYoga comes from the Greek root akros = high and the Sanskrit word Yoga = union. Together they form AcroYoga - High Union.

The workshop was a ton of fun. It's amazing what shapes the body can make. One key aspect is to learn how to align with your bones for ease in the poses. Communication is also important between partners. You have to trust each other and use both verbal and non-verbal techniques to connect with each other.

Chris and Brian started us off with some basic partner poses to build up our confidence. In no time, we were all "flying" including Tao!

See more pictures from the day on Tao's blog.

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